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Quality and workmanship is our permanent motto, thanks to our experience and training of our specialized technicians at the highest level, and our constant keenness to use the best products. Thanks to our expertise and global partners, we have become the car care experts in the Kingdom. We always strive to provide the highest standards of quality and efficiency in caring for your car. With Armor, your car is always safe

We are present in Abha and Khamis Mushait in the Asir region

Best Sellers


Savings Package

Bronze Package
Window Shield
Lights Protection
Nano 3 Layers
Nano on the glass
Nano on the rims

More Protection

Silver Package
Nano 3 layers
Protection for the front of the car
Nano on the dashboard
Nano on the grille
Nano on the rims

Best Seller

Golden Package
Window Shield
Protect the front of the car
Nano 3 layers
Plastic Upholstery
Nano on glass
Nano on rims
nano interior

Absolute Protection

Diamond Package
Window Shield
Protect the front of the car
Nano 9 layers
Leather Upholstery
Nano on glass
Nano on rims
Nano interior
Protection of the rear parts

Window Film

In light of the high temperatures in the summer, the importance of shading windows with thermal insulation films with excellent heat insulation appears to reduce temperatures and obtain an effective insulation ratio due to the large number of brand names

Paint Protection

Your car’s paint can be affected by weather factors, from excessive heat and cold to dull. Let us take the worry out of scratches, stains and rust with our car paint protection service.

Nano Ceramic Protection

Get the best protection for your car from scratches through nano-ceramic technology, which also protects against environmental pollutants , bird droppings and anti-rust effects.


Are you looking to add a unique touch to your car? We offer you multiple options to cover your car from high quality leather and fabric.

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